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With all the conspiracy theories surrounding OPEC’s November decision not cut production, is it really not just a case of simple economics? The U.S. shale boom has seen huge hype but the numbers speak for themselves and such overflowing optimism may have been unwarranted. When discussing harsh truths in energy, no sector is in greater need of a reality check than renewable energy.

In a third exclusive interview with James Stafford of, energy expert Arthur Berman explores:

How the oil price situation came about and what was really behind OPEC’s decision

What the future really holds in store for U.S. shale

Why the U.S. oil exports debate is nonsensical for many reasons

What lessons can be learnt from the U.S. shale boom

Why technology doesn’t have as much of an influence on oil prices as you might think

How the global energy mix is likely to change but not in the way many might have hoped

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