s the year comes to a close, it is useful to put things into perspective.  Sure, California has a love affair with real estate and we go through our traditional booms and busts.  $700,000 crap shacks now litter the landscape but there are fewer and fewer lemmings taking the plunge.  In Canada there was no correction.  In fact, households continue to go into deep debt to purchase real estate.  The argument goes that mortgage standards are much tighter in Canada so therefore, they are much more enlightened when it comes to financing homes.  People forget that the bulk of the 7,000,000 foreclosures in the US came in the form of standard loans.  Garbage loans imploded in more dramatic fashion but people lost their homes because the economy shifted.  At that point, it merely meant covering the monthly nut.  We were housing dependent and that market contracted aggressively.  Canada is housing and oil dependent.  And oil just got a big kick to the shins.

via The Canadian housing bubble makes California real estate look sensible: Crash in energy prices will put pressure on home values up north as Canadians go into maximum leverage. » Dr. Housing Bubble Blog.