Conspiracy theories’ roundly dismissed by scientists?

“‘What about Fukushima…?’ We haven’t ruled that out” -Pete Raimondi, UC Santa Cruz

“Researchers say nuclear pollution… could be partially to blame for a disease wiping out starfish… Raimondi also says scientists can’t rule out nuclear pollution”-1130 AM

“We’ve had a lot of questions about whether it is related to radiation from Fukushima, we can’t completely exclude that possibility” -Ian Hewson, Cornell University

“There is speculation that the die-off could be due to… Fukushima. [Biologist Paula Romagosa] said that doesn’t sound likely because the first place it was seen was in a remote area of Indian Arm* [near Vancouver] and not the west coast” -Times Colonist

*The die-off was observed in Alaska during May of 2013 — 3 months before Indian Arm. Fukushima-contaminated water arrived in Alaska in 2012 and Vancouver in June 2013.

via Alaska: “Scientists alarmed by new mystery disease” — Pacific Northwest: “Alarming changes” — “Couldn’t believe my eyes” — “Scientists really stumped… It’s kind of an alien thing” — “Gotten much, much worse… a horror show… could wreak havoc on entire ecosystems from Mexico to Alaska” (VIDEO).