If you mix warm lemon water and turmeric you will get a powerful healing beverage and a perfect morning elixir. This drink can be effective as a turmeric milk.

You are not familiar with the effective effects of turmeric? Let me remind you. Turmeric is an orange and yellow spice from India, and it belongs to the same family as ginger. Turmeric is known as a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals known as carcinogens, and it also has an antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Turmeric is inevitable in Indian cuisine, but if you do not eat Indian food every day, how can you include this wonderful spice in your diet? Simple! Spice up your warm lemon water. To increase its beneficial effect add a pinch of cinnamon, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can regulate blood sugar levels (which means you will eat less and feel more satisfied).

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