If you need more of a reality check, consider the satellite pictures from East Russia, the tic-tac-toe of chemtrails across the Bering Sea, chemtrails in the Philippines, Northwest of Sweden, the Hawaiian Islands, and more. If you do some simple research of your own, you will find a plethora of video and satellite imagery pointing out cloud formations that are NOT clouds – they are aerosol spraying and weather modification.

Even a NASA expert has come forward to warn us of the dangers of chemtrails. He says scientists are using chemtrails to ‘blackmail’ the planet. It’s all part of a ‘solar radiation management’ plan which gets aerosols into the sky using jet aircraft. You can watch the entire video presented by the NASA jet propulsion lab here. It gets really interesting at about 31 minutes in.

There is also a very old video from 1997 wherein the United Nations discusses geoengineering (stratospheric aerosol injection, or chemtrails) to mitigate global warming. Rosalind Peterson (who you will see in the video) is the President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC). It was formed in 2006 to protect agriculture from a wide variety of experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs, in other words, geo-engineering.

via The World Awakens: America Sleeps – Chemtrails from Around the Globe, a Satellite View | RiseEarth.