Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorization

In late October 2012, the Canadian government announced that it would be implementing the Electronic Travel Authorization system by 2015. The eTA system would apply to travelers who are nationals of visa-exempt countries, excluding the US, arriving in Canada by air. This program is part of the “Beyond the Border” deal that Canada has with the US. However, it is still uncertain what types of information such travelers will need to provide to obtain the eTA. It’s possible they may be asked to provide information about health and criminal activity, as is required by the US.

According to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada spokesperson, “We would not be screening travelers against the exact same criteria as the U.S. since the admissibility criteria under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are different than those of the U.S.’ immigration law… There are no plans to harmonize these admissibility requirements.”

via New eTA Raises Privacy Concerns « CIPP Guide.