It hasn’t been a month and already Canada’s fledgling commercial medical marijuana industry has seen two large RCMP seizures and the recall, due to “quality control” issues, of products from a company that now seems to have vanished.

Licensed commercial producers not connected to either the seizures or the recall say the incidents have put a taint on them all.

“It’s bad for the industry. Obviously we don’t want to hear about recalls, especially this early on,” said Neil Closner, CEO of Markham, Ont.-based MedReleaf, one of 13 companies currently licensed to grow and sell medical weed under a new regulatory regime that recently took effect. “The industry already has a stigma. We’re trying to win over the health community, even Health Canada, and show how regulations will ensure a safe, secure, quality product. All this noise is not good.”

via New medical marijuana system encounters growing pains with 2 RCMP seizures and recall.