Published on Jan 16, 2013

I do not own the rights to this show. I am simply putting these shows out there as many other YouTubers have already done (it’s how I get them to begin with). As everyone knows, Ventura’s show has had unprecedented difficulties in airing (to put it nicely), so here’s some help for those who have trouble finding it. Great show.

I have also “edited them for TV”, meaning I’ve removed the majority of repetitive bookends, recaps and dumb-down dialogue that producers shove into shows like this. I know Ventura himself doesn’t like the way they “dumb down” the various episodes with the goofy spy-thriller reality-show-hype junk, so that’s all been “censored”. Hope you like the recut.

I apologize if I removed anything critical to or preferred within the show. This is the best I could do with what the show’s studio owners (not Ventura) allow us to see (I would love to see deleted scenes, too bad there’ll never be a proper home release).

via ▶ Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory The Manimals – YouTube.