Homeland Security in Washington DC has awarded the MBTA about $7 million to outfit buses with the latest in live video technology.

Sophisticated new 360-degree lenses embedded in the ceilings and walls of the buses will now capture everything. And on some buses, there will even be flat screens for passengers to see what is going on.

“I think it’s great, anything that makes the public feel safer,” one woman told WBZ-TV.

Another said “the images are pretty clear. I did not think they were going to be that clear..”

There is no audio but there are also cameras on the exterior of the buses.

The system cost $6.9 million, all paid for by Homeland Security. Right now, about 10 buses are outfitted but by the summer, more than 225 will have these sophisticated cameras.

via MBTA Buses Get Live Video Technology « CBS Boston.