Published on Jan 10, 2014

Brazilian Government has captured DEMONIC BEINGS ALIVE! While many thought the characterization of Satan with HORNS and red eyes was a myth, there is now evidence that this creature does in fact exist and is helping the U S government control the masses. If Aliens are DEMONS, this would explain why those who have seen them call them reptilian, and, eye witnesses testify they have horns and huge red eyes, as well as reptilian skin. This is not a hoax, an entire city all saw these creatures and there are high up military people coming out with their stories. Even one of our own astronauts is reporting his beliefs on these contacts. Watch the video for yourself. I believe that this is true and if it is not many people are lying. One or the other. Either way, many people are lying. What I thought was most interesting was that the beings have horns. And may look reptilian. If this is true it could be that they are trying to appear to be this form only to make us believe they are demons and then to later pretend they are not evil but harmless creatures. In that case these are very clever hoaxes to deceive. But, either way it confirms the scriptures. And, either way they are EVIL life forms who deceive us.


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via ▶ ALIEN BEINGS caught ALIVE with HORNS – Are they biblical DEMONS ? – YouTube.