Jan. 12, 2014 interview with Professor Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk and member of UK Department of Health Committee Examining Radiation Risk for Internal Emitters (CERRIE), VoR (at 2:30 in): “I don’t think there’s much more [Tepco] can do, to be honest. I think the thing is out of control. I can’t see what they can do. Basically, what we have here — in my opinion, and others too — is that the core material from the reactors is outside of the containment and in the ground. So the groundwater is picking up this radioactivity and bringing it onto the surface […] until they actually address the basic problem of this stuff being outside the containment, then there’s not much they can do […] for the stuff that is outside the tanks in the ground, I’m not sure I see any way in which they can do it.”  >>  Full interview broadcast available here

via Radiation Expert: Fukushima plant “out of control” — Nuclear fuel “is now in the ground… no way they can get at it” — “Will just wash uranium out to sea” — Pollution of Pacific Ocean to continue more or less forever (AUDIO & VIDEO).