Published on Dec 29, 2013

I present several videos done by others regarding a major uptick in large fireballs being reported. Even in broad daylight and at low altitudes/ Sonic booms and even mysterious red dust is being reported in the USA alone. I need to check the rest of the world. The following comment was posted on Dabo077\’s channel in a video today (Link for video is:…) A person there commented with the following message after people were attacking the channel operator as I was also attacked for just suggesting ISON survived and needed our attention for several POSSIBLE reasons. That comment was by: User: Vinnie M and the comment was: \”

THIS MAN IS NOT FULL OF SHIT! I LIVE HERE IN FLORIDA and everyone is talking about this HUGE BRIGHT FIRE that fell from the sky and was nearly the size of the moon, I also seen a huge fire ball fall from the sky last week also where I live, my friend and I were looking at the stars like we always do and before our very eyes this huge fire broke in huge flames. Kinda think of it as being the size of a house and seeing that house break apart from fire in the sky THAT\’S WHAT we seen, we can only imagine how big it was if we were closer to it WTF ! Everyone needs to start paying more attention and watch the sky\’s because from what were seeing the big one is coming. from where I live it too broke up JUST BEFORE hitting ground. People everywhere were calling 911 yesterday which was obviously a waste of time. At first I wasn\’t a believer but after seeing these huge balls of fire light up the sky it\’s an argument I can\’t win because I seen it myself, im now being told it\’s just beginning I guess we ust need to watch the sky, by the way NASA HAD TO SEE THIS and failed to warn us so take this as your warning ! LISTEN UP PEOPLE PLEASE BELIEVE ME THIS IS WHAT MYSELF AND MOST OF FLORIDA SEEN, now we can focus our attention of Region 3 and believe that the government is infact preparing for something HUGE! What can it hurt to prepare, I went and purchased a huge generator today and supplies\” My response was: \”

Hi Vinny, I\’m going to use your reply on the about section of my next video on my channel = hopefully uploaded this morning (12/29/2013) Your reply is perfect. I did a video about how NASA lied about ISON\’s demise ( See it here at: ISON=DANGER! This is real! Part 1) if you\’d like to view it. And this is just the debris from the INCOMING path of ISON I believe – Just wait until the much larger field gets near us in the next 2 weeks or so. There were a LOT of scoffers just because NASA said it was gone – even after I showed full video footage of ISON surviving. Thanks for being a witness and reporting what you saw. I understand there are a lot of \”cried wolf\” or \”cry wolf\” for future event videos out there. It just makes REAL problems look to be non-believable. I showed video evidence and still they mocked! We are a nation now full of non-critical thinkers who believe any BS given to the public by the (never lying) Government. In this case, NASA! Watch and see what NASA hid when it was live. When ISON went behind the sun, suddenly ALL cameras showed NOTHING. NASA said \”ISON was destroyed by the sun or went into the sun – never to be seen again. Then 3 hours later, the images from the Stereo A/B cameras were filled-in with the missing frames. By that time, all bought the BS about ISON\’s demise so they didn\’t want to believe it was still there. Again, thanks for being BRAVE and actually reporting on REAL things. Just because 98% of \”fear mongering\” on YOUTUBE is fake does not mean the other 2% is fake. People with brains and evidence would be able to tell the difference. Sadly, many can\’t any more. You are one who can. On my channel, I could report on MANY BS things but the evidence on 98% is BS or can\’t be conformed. This ISON business was discernible and with critical thinking skills, anyone could see that the POSSIBILITY of big meteors and even the probability of a disaster was at least possible. What we are seeing now is from the \”dust only\” (quote from NASA) from the incoming trip of ISON as it approached the sun and passed in Earth\’s path many months ago. I fear the LARGER CHUNKS in the supposed \”dead\” ISON in it\’s return trip will be much worse. At least it is possible. Hopefully not likely. The video explains why. Thank you.\” I apply that reply to those here who feel the same way but the challenge is to THINK about what else could be causing this major uptick other than ISON – remember, we are not in any schedualed \”normal\” meteor shower times of the year.

via ▶ Evidence of ISON – It is mounting-up fast! – YouTube.